Thursday, July 17, 2008


Well, finally got my laptop back... and proceeded to use it to do jobhunts of various kinds. Managed to grab a couple, which brings my wow time back to something semi-normal. And, lately...

I've successfully obtained my medallion! I had to burn some marks on a cloak, a standard, and a wolf, though. Betting this is the first and last time I'll find myself with too many marks and not enough honor.

Yeah, I got my epic mount training. I figured there was no way I was going to use half the gems I had stored in my bank for jewelcrafting, as I didn't start training jc until level 30-ish, so they sold for a good amount. Found some other things, too, and mined a stack or two of thorium, which brought me up to 600g - enough for the training and another 120g left over.

So what's next? Well, this is the part where I take up a bunch of space planning out my PvP equips.

Obviously, I'm going for the S2 Battlegear set, with Vindicator's and Guardian's stuff mixed in as appropriate. I'm reasonably confident when I say I can get the armor set before I hit 70, which will bump me up to 211 resil (including trinket and cape) and 42 hit rating, verses 142 hit cap for Mortal Strike builds and 395 cap for dual-wielding builds. (Wow, that's not a lot of hit rating. Maybe I should steal a boomkin for early raiding.)

  • Head: Merciless Gladiator's Plate Helm - 14,500 honor, 30 AV marks. This may well be my next target - 25 resilience is very good, plus it's got the meta socket for one of those fancy run speed gems.
  • Neck: Guardian's Pendant of Triumph, easily. 15,300 honor and 10 EotS marks (those will be easy enough to come by).
  • Shoulders: Merciless Gladiator's Plate Shoulders. More S2 set stuff. 11,250 honor, 20 AB marks. Only +20 resil, so last unless I get all 100 AB marks again soon.
  • Back: Sergeant's Heavy Cloak - done! Decent amount of stamina, solid amount of resil, and, as I recall, only 7k honor and a few AB marks.
  • Chest: Merciless Gladiator's Plate Chestpiece - 14,500 honor, 30 AB marks. +24 resil is great - tied for second best in the set - and I'll be sure to dump AB marks here first instead of those shoulders.
  • Wrist: Vindicator's Plate Bracers - as I don't think I'll be doing Sunwell Plateau any time soon, that'll be 9199 honor, 20 WSG marks.
  • Gloves: Merciless Gladiator's Plate Gauntlets - 10,500 honor, 20 AV marks. Another great set piece, and another one that requires AV marks, making it one I'll get quickly.
  • Waist: Guardian's Plate Belt - 17,850 honor, 40 AB marks. Most notable is the +30 resil on this piece - easily worth the expense. Probably first bite after the S2 set - earlier, gladly, if I get full on marks again.
  • Legs: Merciless Gladiator's Plate Legguards - 14,500 honor, 30 WSG marks. Baaaah WSG. At least I've got 50 or so marks from there saved up.
  • Feet: Vindicator's Plate Greaves - 13,923 honor, 40 EotS marks. Bit pricy on the marks, but another +30 resil piece - easily worth a dozen EotS matches (or even 20).
  • Ring: Veteran's Band of Triumph - 9,500 honor, 10 AV marks. This guy was hidden behind the Vindicator's Plate items, where it looked like there was nothing more to offer. A solid +22 resil, and very cheap too - 10k honor honestly isn't that much in the grand scheme of things, and only 10 AV marks? A very economical choice!
  • Ring: Vindicator's Band of Triumph - 11,934 honor, 10 AV marks. Very nice stats - although the 22 resil didn't get upgraded from the S1 version - and not much more expensive than the previous ring. Certainly worth the price.
  • Trinket: Medallion of the Horde - done! +45 resil, which is probably the best I'll find on a single piece of equipment before I get to arenas, and an excessively handy "use" effect. Well worth the 40,000 honor (though it must be noted that the blue version of the trinket has the same "use" effect and costs only 8,000 honor, but only gives +20 resil).
  • Trinket: Talisman of the Horde - 22,950 honor, 10 EotS marks. It was either this or one of the Battlemaster's trinkets, but this has +34 resil - second best on this page - as compared to the +80 attack power/+40 crit strike rating. I also figured a flat heal would be better than boosting health and then losing it in 15 seconds, possibly resulting in death. It's not a great heal, but then, it's not that great a health boost (1750, which I wouldn't be happy with losing in the middle of heated combat).
  • 2h weapon: Merciless Gladiator's Decapitator - 27,000 honor, 40 AV marks. Powerful weapon, and the S4 version is one of the best axes in the game, as I recall. And orc racials say axe over sword.
  • Ranged weapon: Merciless Gladiator's War Edge - 8,000 honor, 10 EotS marks. It's this over the awesome crossbow only because the crossbow's AP boost doesn't apply to melee. That said, the war edge is about three times cheaper than the crossbow.
  • Shield: Merciless Gladiator's Shield Wall - 15,000 honor, 20 EotS marks. Easily one of the best shields in the game, I'll take this and let it sit until I get a proper tanking set going (including T4, in all likelyhood).

So... totals for the rest of the stuff I need. That'll be... 198,056 honor (yipes), 70 AB marks, 110 AV marks, 90 EotS marks, and 50 WSG marks. (Pretty sure I counted that right...) As of right now, I have... 78 honor? Yeah, go me. And along with that, 90 AV marks (I predict I'll be buying a certain headpiece soon...), 86 AB marks, and 57 WSG marks. No EotS marks yet, but I'll be hitting 61 soon-ish, and getting the 10 needed for some of the cheaper items won't be too hard, even at just 61.

Oh, gem slots. Uh, for the meta, absolutely nothing beats one of the +8% run speed gems, and the best of those for me is the Swift Skyfire Diamond. For the yellows I guess would be Steady Seaspray Emeralds, and reds would be Sovereign Shadowsong Amethysts. Oh those don't look easy to get... And I need three reds and five yellows. Good thing I went JC...

Well, this'll have to do. I guess I could put in more offensive-oriented gems, as I suppose I'll be using this set to learn Kara, etc, and get T4 prot gear, but I don't think I want to waste any more time and money on the gems than I already will be...

(Ninja edit because I forgot the weapons and shield. Oops.)


Rarespawn! said...

Heh. At least you have a GOOD reason for grinding all that honour. Me? I want S2 gear for my lock... because it looks cool. No other reason. I don't even PvP. Ever. I'm going to force myself to before WOTLK just so I can have that spiffy armour set, though. Fun stuff. >_<

Armond said...

You know what? Those lock shoulders are awesome enough that that's a damn good excuse right there. I mean, come on, there's WINGS! Who cares that it's just +10 intellect? I'd raid with those things if I had a lock, just for shits and giggles.

Keith said...

Don't forget that, if you're honored with the respective factions, you can buy the "Season 0" gear with reasonable resil for just a couple hundred gold.

That's pretty comparable to the level 60 gear, so you won't get COMPLETELY pasted once you hit 70.

Then I'd actually focus on gear you can't get with arena points, or aren't likely to get any time soon (i.e. belt, weapon). No reason to buy the season 2 gloves, when you can get season 4 with about 4 weeks of arena 0-10's. (And start arena the week you hit level 70. Points is points.)

And I'd generally go with any S4 items (Neck, waist) before dropping back to the S3 ones. Who knows, you might get a rating high enough to buy some S4 gear.

Also, check out some dungeon drops and crafted items. My druid has a ring with 13 resil, +20ish sta, +20ish str that is crafted, IIRC. Not S4, but a hundred gold is much easier to find than 15k more honor.
Good luck!