Saturday, July 19, 2008

New BGs

So, of course, the moment I hit 61 I got kicked out of old Alteric Valley. This happened at 60 with Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch, but I don't play those two as much, so it wasn't a big deal. On the plus side, Eye of the Storm is now an option.

So yesterday I hop into Alteric Valley, thinking I'll farm myself some honor, and immediately notice that there's around two dozen games going on in my battlegroup. I also notice that there's a wait time of approximately three seconds, which I suppose could be attributed to lag.

So I enter the battleground, figuring I'll mount up and run around trying to kill stuff for a while, and a third fact makes itself immediately present: I'm the only 61 in a group of 70s. Oh, great. And the mage has more than twice as much health as my pitiful 5k; don't I feel useless. And then I hit O and tab over to Raid and there's only one other guy under level 70 in the entire 40-man raid (a level 65 shaman).

So what did I do? I spent pretty much the entire battlegroup attempting to get next to Drek'thar. Because, and I'm sure this will sound familiar, the alliance got to him in approximately 5.3 seconds, and proceeded to block off the entrance (as well as our bat-people for turnins; I highly doubt they survived, but I was too busy to look). I think I succeeded once, and we won maybe half a minute after that... the entire match was over in five minutes, tops.

I'm... not pleased. Being a low-level in the 60-69 region isn't that bad; you can still actually get stuff done, though it's far more difficult, but the high-level players don't tend to have twice as much health as you, along with (I suspect) at least three times as much armor and offensive stats for comparable classes. Granted, I don't have any resilience at this point, and I'm sure there's more than enough people who actually picked up the level 60 PvP gear (an idea I thought foolish at the time, but now I'm not so sure) and probably have a couple hundred resilience, and getting said resilience could help out somewhat, but...

Facing off level 61-69 players against level 70s just isn't fair.

I've poked around the auction house more than once; I've talked with people who've leveled more than one level 70; the consensus everywhere is that level 70 gear is far, far better than level 69 gear, just as level 58 Outland gear is far, far better than level 60 Azeroth gear. (See also: my recent quest rewards.)

And, of course, once I reach 70, there'll be me with a couple hundred resil facing off against people in S3, S4, and what have you.

Surviving's looking tough...


Rarespawn! said...

That's part of why I rarely PvP anymore. And maybe I just need to reroll on a carebear server already, but I strongly believe that level 70s shouldn't be able to attack any players who aren't 70. The griefers on my realm are ridiculous in number. >_<

Armond said...

Carebear servers are made of win, on the basis that you don't get instakilled by griefers three or four times your level or with twice as good gear if you don't want to.

Melgarr stayed on Azgalor (a PvP server) until I'd gotten through some of the Tanaris quests before I moved him to Hyjal (so he would have been 43-ish?). Naturally, I didn't know about battlegroups back then, or I wouldn't have moved him to Hyjal - I know no one in that battlegroup, which is prompting me to move him to Stormstrike at some point in here. (Carebear server, obviously.)

Really, it all comes down to the huge difference between levels, the gear hierarchy (and, similarly, the lack of separation between players with different quality gear - there's nothing to stop t4 being jumped by s3), and the fact that you can use PvP gear for PvE and vice versa.