Friday, July 25, 2008

Guns, no roses

I'm proud to say I blew a couple hundred gold on my bank today. Bought all four remaining bag slots, bought trade bags for two of them, organized things like a neatly-organized person would. (I'm not fond of the idea of bank alts, if only because my computer isn't fond of the idea of switching characters.)

So, like a good warrior, I'm looking ahead to what I can use for tank-ish gear. And, of course, I came across "the" gun. Well, yeah, that's a great gun. What's it gonna cost me?


Found one on the AH for 1,500g. Now, granted, I could farm that if I wanted to once I hit 70, but really, I'm in Nagrand already, and I'm a miner... I could probably get all of those mats (short perhaps the primal nether) if I wanted to without paying a dime.

So I hung my head, I pulled down my auction of a stack of Khorium bars, and I reviewed the contents of my mining bag. I shuffled things around a bit, and now I've got a bag devoted to the materials for this thing. So far, I have:
  • Khorium bar: 20/20
  • Felsteel bar: 8/8
  • Hardened adamantite bar: 1/3
  • Primal fire: 1/12
  • Primal air: 0/12
  • Primal nether: 1/1
Well, it's a start.


TheBigBearButt said...

As an Engineer myself, I wanted to point out... you only need 1 Primal Nether, not 12. So you're only short the Primal Air and Fire, really.

And you should get the Fire as you mine...

and if you have a friend that is an engineer and epic flying, they can farmo motes of air in Nagrand for you to quickly scavenge the Primal Air you need.

Short that, an Alchemist might be able to save you cash by Transmuting Primal Earth to Primal Water, and then Water to Air... eventually.

Rarespawn! said...

As long as you don't get ganking trouble, you should at least be able to knock out the fire/air primals in a couple of hours. Except that, well, I can't recall offhand any area heavily populated by wind elementals. SMV or Nagrand? Ah well, best of luck with your gun mats.

Armond said...

@Bear: If I said 12 Nethers, it must have been a typo - man, if I ever needed 12 Nethers, I'd just buy them, I think...

@Rarespawn: I've been killing elementals as I quest through Nagrand. It's not too bad for drops. The advantage I have is that mining sometimes gives Motes of Fire.